Nutrition Solutions for The Family

We offer your family the time and space to discuss acute medical concerns, chronic illness and also will begin the discussion on prevention and health maintenance . We are available to develop a plan of care, one on one consultation and offer supplements to assist in your healthcare journey.

As a physician, I have decided to take a more comprehensive approach to my medical practice. I enjoy teaching families about the healing properties of foods and the importance of specific lifestyle modifications. Medications have proven to be useful throughout the years but at times there are other more practical modalities that can help in our overall healthcare solutions. My experience in the medical field and interaction with patients over the years have taught me that in many circumstances our healing is closer than we think.

~Celeste Palmer, MD

How Can We Help?

Reestablishing Overall Health with Nutrition

As the scope of medicine and treatment modalities expand and people are looking to improve their health naturally, I use peer reviewed science and provide the necessary guidance as we shift the cellular environment in the human body to reestablish homeostasis.

Food & Nutrition Coaching

Learn about the health benefits of food and provide a supportive environment to make sustainable choices and changes in your wellness journey.

Medical Therapies

Providing medical therapy only when medication is warranted for children (0-18 years old). Prescription meds are the “alternative" in our practice. 

Plant Based Supplements

Whole food plant based supplements added to optimize your body’s vitamin and mineral needs. Equip the microbiome and strengthen the immune system naturally and daily.

One on One Consultation

Address healthcare questions and other concerns that have been recurrent over time and have not displayed resolve with traditional therapies.

“Dr. Palmer’s advice on benefits from eating healthy and balanced has been helping my child’s growth and development. She’s able to understand the nutritional needs based on each individual.”

~Jackie B

Nutrition is the Foundation

It starts with a clear goal followed by execution of your plan

Solutions That Support The Family

Medical and Nutritional Counseling

Children: Birth to 18 Years Old

Conventional and Nonconventional Health Care

Our children are often plagued with the same recurrent common illnesses in early childhood. Our mission is to teach children and their families the importance of natural plant based foods as a regular part of each meal.

Whole plants provided in proper combinations will provide the minerals, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants and proteins needed for appropriate growth and development. The construction of a strong food foundation at a young age will establish a more resilient and robust immune system.

Children: Birth to 18 Years Old

Nutritional Counsel and Guidance

We face health challenges that may also be addressed in a preventative and nonconventional manner. With the aid of proper nutrition we can often reverse or reduce the negative impact of chronic illnesses.

Due to busy lives and often addressing our needs secondarily, we often overlook prevention as a valid means to combat common illnesses. By incorporating whole plant foods into our daily regimen we will optimize our health and infuse our bodies with antioxidants and proteins needed to reestablish and reignite balance.

"The guidance of Dr. Palmer has helped me reevaluate my food choices and I am eating for life, longevity and all the benefits it brings. The transition was not easy however Dr. Palmer created a safe space for me, talked to me regularly, had me journal on my feelings and how I function as a whole being. Being whole, connected and centered is most important to me. Highly recommended in any stage of your healing journey. ”

~Sunni E

Why is Food central to our practice?

There are so many choices of foods which can lead to even more confusion on what, when and even how to prepare foods. Our goal is to help families navigate these types of questions while learning which foods can also be utilized to help our bodies heal and maintain health.

We are here to support you in your nutritional journey to wellness. We do advise that you contact your primary care provider for questions concerning labs, imaging studies and chronic medication alterations and adjustments. 

How it works?

Step 01: Assessment

The assessment is designed to help us understand your current health challenges and the optimal course of action to successfully achieve your goals.

Step 02: Office Visit or Telehealth

If you are in the Houston, TX, we are available twice weekly for office visits. Depending on your need and location, we can also offer Telehealth visits.

Step 03: Plan

We offer different support packages for children but our goal is to customize a support package specifically for you.

Our Philosophy...

Why is it important?

Beginning Greens is being launched to teach the importance of food to our overall health and wellness. Nutritional deficiencies plague our society and have been linked to several chronic and recurrent medical conditions. We will examine your intake and determine the best plan to assist you with your healthcare concerns. The program was initiated by a plant based physician who has centered her practices in medicine around this principle. Our bodies require certain nutrients regularly to function optimally and it is our goal to provide a service that will support the medical concerns and also educate on common medical questions that have plagued our families. Small changes can make a big difference. The key concept is being open for change and committed to your health goals.

We are here to assist you, Join the Team!

Celeste Palmer, MD, FAAP

Board Certified Pediatrician

I am a plant based physician whose journey into nutrition and health began about 10 years ago. It has been an ongoing learning experience that extends far beyond the plate. I have read, studied and attended conferences that support this lifestyle with evidence based medicine. The paradigm is beginning to shift and people are interested in preventative medicine and overall health maintenance. The road to wellness can be clouded by conflicting and confusing information. My goal is to help families navigate back to health through nutrition.


Contact Us

We will be available for appointments. We do ask that you complete an online questionnaire prior to our assessment to ensure that Beginning Greens can service your healthcare needs.


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